Oort Digital is one of the first crypto projects that exclusively focuses on building the whole GameFi ecosystem.Ultimately, Oort Digital will be a one-stop place to play with NFTs. You can store, send, borrow, lease, trade, pay, mine, and game with your NFTs in a new and fun way. If Bitcoin adds the monetary layer on top of the internet protocol, then Oort is to add the DeFi layer on top of the whole Metaverse. That is awesome!!!

The traditional DeFi market is robust because cryptocurrencies are traded around the clock, in multiple places which allows for the most accurate pricing to be available instantly. However, pricing NFTs is difficult due to its unique characteristics. With this, peope could enjoy more fancy world.

Ocean Protocol provides a secured solution for data exchange. We believe by building an NFT pricing oracle on top of Ocean Protocol, and inviting the support of large NFTs whales and conglomerates, a new age for the NFT Metaverse can become a reality.




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