What about Oort, lets face a NFT new story

NFT is becoming more and more popular. Friends around me asked me what is Oort Digital NFT. I’d like to say Oort is a game changing product, which has a lot potential for usages and the hero design are perfect!

What are the utilities of Oort Heroes?

With Heros, you can bring your own NFTs and FTs (upcoming) into a gamified world to earn an income in farming, or simply play to earn an income.

Any suggestions for the long-term development/sustainability of Oort

Oort is a combination of NFT and Defi, and also a great innovation after Makerdao. The development of the Oort Digital NFT will never stop, it will become more and more popular.

if you really want to know more about NFT and Oort please join:

Official website: https://oortdigital.tech/
Medium: https://medium.com/oort-digital
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fNsaAECGaS
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